Action Buzzer's
Scrip Actions Entry(₹) Target(₹)
Tata Global Beverages Ltd Buy 275 282
India Cements Ltd Buy 174 178
Indian Bank Buy 417 428
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Happy Customers

"I am extremely thankful to you for providing me the details as requested.I would like to explicitly express my gratitude to the customer service team for being patient and entertaining my repeated queries.I understand that the details requested by me were those going long back in time.And I am pleasantly surprised at having received such a positive response from Chola team. I would most certainly set in a good word for your services to people in my social circle who wish to start trading."
- Mr Bhuvnesh Yadav
"Morning Call as audio clip in WhatsApp is a good initiative. Will definitely listen to it on daily basis."
- Mr Ganesh (CUMI)